YIBI will suspend LUNA/USDT spot trading pairs

YIBI Offical
1 min readMay 13, 2022


Dear users,
YIBI will suspend LUNA/USDT spot trading on May 13, 2022 at 16:30 (HK time). LUNA and cash withdrawal services will be available after the network is stabilized. We will continue to work with the project team to create a more stable trading environment for our users. We will keep the community updated as we learn more.

Terra Blockchain Halted at Block 7,607,789

The Terra (LUNA) network has been suspended at block height 7,607,789. Top-up and withdrawal services on The Terra (LUNA) network have been suspended as of 10:25 (HKT) May 13, 2022.
When The Terra (LUNA) network is stable, YIBI will reopen the Terra (LUNA) network top-up and withdrawal business without further announcement.

Risk tip: Digital currency is a high-risk way of investment, please be careful to buy, and pay attention to investment risks. YIBI selects premium currencies, but is not liable for guarantees, compensation, etc.

YIBI team
May 13, 2022



YIBI Offical

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