YIBI is online TVK(Terra Virtua Kolect)、ILV(Illuvium)、COCOS(Cocos-BCX)、TWT(Trust Wallet)、DODO(DODO)

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Dear users,

YIBI has launched TVK(Terra Virtua Kolect)、ILV(Illuvium)、COCOS(Cocos-BCX)、TWT(Trust Wallet)DODO(DODO),on January 13, 2022 at 16:00 (Hong Kong time), and opened TVK/USDT、 ILV/USDT 、COCOS/USDT、TWT/USDT、DODO/USDT. We sincerely invite you to experience!

Introduction of the currency


Terra Virtua is a blockchain-based cross-platform ecosystem for sharing, trading and interacting with digital collections. The platform is dedicated to providing a unique and novel market for collecting and distributing NFTs, including AR and VR environments for interacting with content. Terra Virtua is committed to novel ways for NFT creators to connect with consumers and brands through digital collections. The Terra Virtua platform provides a market for top entertainment brands, NFT creators and collectors to interact and share exclusive content in a multi-platform environment.

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Smart Contract Address:0xd084b83c305dafd76ae3e1b4e1f1fe2ecccb3988

Note: Please do not transfer coins to smart contract address, it cannot be retrieved.


Illuvium is an RPG battle game based on Ethereum, and it is also a completely decentralized protocol. In general, Iluvium is an open-world fantasy fighting game built entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. It is often referred to as the first actual AAA game on Ethereum. It combines the elements of the traditional RPG collection game and the Auto Battler type of combat mechanism. A mysterious alien world takes place in the background of the game, which represents a new era of the game. It is designed from the ground up to support the long-term sustainability of Illuvium games and governance, and to provide players with an AAA-level blockchain gaming experience. Illuvium is unique in that pledgers receive regular distributions and can vote on everything from issues related to token economics to the functions of the game itself.

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White Paper:https://docs.illuvium.io/

Smart Contract Address:0x767fe9edc9e0df98e07454847909b5e959d7ca0e

Note: Please do not transfer coins to smart contract address, it cannot be retrieved.


Cocos is a platform for developing, managing and trading decentralized applications and in-app assets on the blockchain ecology. It includes an application development framework that supports multiple operating systems, as well as fully scripted, componentized and data-driven applications Development tools can support developers to program, debug and release decentralized applications and hybrid architecture applications oriented to the blockchain environment. At the same time, the platform integrates a distributed user account system, wallet and digital asset trading system based on blockchain, which can realize off-chain permanent storage of in-app assets and cross-app use.

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White Paper:https://www.cocosbcx.io/static/Whitepaper_zh.pdf

Smart Contract Address:0xc4c7ea4fab34bd9fb9a5e1b1a98df76e26e6407c

Note: Please do not transfer coins to smart contract address, it cannot be retrieved.


Trust Wallet, the official cryptocurrency wallet of Binance, is a decentralized mobile wallet application with a simple interface and high security. It is designed for users with different levels of blockchain knowledge to facilitate the use of encrypted assets for all users. Trust Wallet is a secure wallet for sending, receiving, and storing digital assets. Its built-in decentralized application browser can communicate with decentralized applications, allowing users to buy and sell encrypted assets and blocks directly through smartphones or tablets. Chain collectibles. Trust Wallet provides native support for Binance DEX. Users can trade on Binance DEX through this wallet and have complete control over their digital assets.

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Githhub: https://github.com/trustwallet

Smart Contract Address:0x4b0f1812e5df2a09796481ff14017e6005508003(BSCchain)

Note: Please do not transfer coins to smart contract address, it cannot be retrieved.


DODO is a decentralized trading platform driven by a self-created (PMM) algorithm. It is characterized by a liquidity pool with high capital efficiency, supports unilateral token liquidity provision, reduces impermanence losses, and minimizes Slippage during trading. It supports professional market-making strategies on the chain, with features such as custom market-making strategies and asset ratios. Compared with the general AMM mechanism, this market-making algorithm has higher capital utilization and lower capital utilization. Trading slippage. DODO currently accounts for about 3% of the Ethereum network DEX market share, and is one of the most important DEXs on the Binance smart chain. In the future, protocols will be deployed on multiple public chains.

DODO also provides SmartTrade-a decentralized liquidity aggregator service that can find and intelligently route to various liquidity sources to quote the best price between any two tokens. In addition, DODO also eliminates various restrictions on the establishment of new asset liquidity pools, and can freely define and adjust asset ratios, liquidity depth, and handling fee rates in real time. The threshold for the issuance of new assets is reduced to the utmost extent.

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White Paper:https://dodoex.github.io/docs/docs/

Smart Contract Address:0x67ee3cb086f8a16f34bee3ca72fad36f7db929e2(BSCchain)

Note: Please do not transfer coins to smart contract address, it cannot be retrieved.

Risk tip: Digital currency is a high-risk way of investment, please be careful to buy, and pay attention to investment risks. YIBI selects premium currencies, but is not liable for guarantees, compensation, etc.

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