YIBI is online ICP(Internet Computer)、RUNE(THORChain )、JASMY(JasmyCoin)


DFINITY is committed to replacing the traditional IT stack with its Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) and eliminating the intermediary role of large technology companies, building a public blockchain network hosted by independent global data centers. DFINITY is the standard behind Internet computers, the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) allows software to run on the Internet in a distributed manner, instead of using servers controlled by large companies. This makes it possible to develop applications that are not owned, controlled or censored by any entity, thereby creating opportunities to rebuild popular Internet services such as social media applications in an open and decentralized manner. DFINITY claims that its Internet Computer is highly scalable and runs at network speeds, with some functions in just a few milliseconds. The network is managed by an open autonomous algorithm software system called Neural Network System (NNS), and its native utility token is ICP (formerly known as DFN). The Internet Computer Protocol was built by the DFINITY Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Zug, Switzerland.


THORChain is an independent blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK to function as a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX). It uses an Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, similar to Bancor (BNT) or Uniswap, where THORChain’s native token (RUNE) will serve as the underlying exchange pair. This model allows traders to move between different asset pools using RUNE as a hidden intermediary. It also rewards Liquidity Providers (LPs), liquidity providers who deposit or “collateralize” assets on either side of a liquidity pool, and pay a portion of transaction fees.


JasmyCoin is a data marketplace project where users can sell data generated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices to various businesses. JASMY is its native utility token and is used as a payment currency within the JasmyCoin data platform.



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