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Dear users,

YIBI has launched FLOW (Flow) on November 26, 2021 at 16:00 (Hong Kong time), and opened FLOW/USDT.We sincerely invite you to experience!

Introduction of the currency

Flow is a platform for a new generation of games, applications and the digital assets that power them. As a decentralized network, anyone can join and build on Flow.

Created by the creators of some of the most popular applications on existing encrypted networks, Flow makes building new applications and protocols safer, faster, and more efficient.

Flow tokens are Flow native assets, and Flow tokens are tokens required by the mortgage platform, as well as the currency to pay mortgage rewards. In addition, a small number of FLOW tokens are required to pay for transaction fees, and a minimum of reserved balances are required to pay for storage on the network. FLOW is a token that is always available for applications and games at the top of the FLOW network.

More details:


White Paper:https://www.onflow.org/technical-paper

Risk tip: Digital currency is a high-risk way of investment, please be careful to buy, and pay attention to investment risks. YIBI selects premium currencies, but is not liable for guarantees, compensation, etc.

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