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2 min readSep 13, 2022

Dear users,

YIBI has launched ETC(Ethereum Classic) ,on September 13, 2022 at 11:30 (Hong Kong time), and opened ETC/USDT. We sincerely invite you to experience!

Introduction of the currency


ETC (Ethereum Classic) is a forked currency of Ethereum hard forked after 1,920,000 blocks and functions very similar to Ethereum. ETC adheres to the concept of decentralization and supports the consensus mechanism of blockchain guarantee. ETC firmly believes that once blockchain is up and running, its development direction will not be dictated by any central team, but by the consensus of people involved in the entire network and the consensus of computing power across the network.

The Ethereum blockchain hard fork in July 2016 was designed to transfer hacked DAO funds to an investor-controlled account and allow old transaction records to be forgotten by history. Most Ethereum developers participated in the reversal, as did exchanges, startups, and other members of the ecosystem. A few days later, the project returned to normal. But not everyone wants to forget old trading records. A small group of miners continued to use The original blockchain as a protest, describing The hard fork as a drain on The DAO, an abandoned project. Thus Ethereum Classic(ETC) was born.

ETC has a wide range of potential applications, theoretically including most of the applications requiring trust and contract nature; Developing iot applications on the ETC platform has its unique advantages: stable and secure network, fixed ceiling, capacity expansion, private transactions, machine payments, ETC. The combination of iot and ETC will drive more applications to move to ETC network.

More details:


White paper:https://image.tokeninsight.com/content/whitepaper/1585834474332C8vyQ1aFg9KFDNjp0YrfD.pdf

Smart Contract Address:


(Does not support charging and withdrawing)

Note: Please do not transfer coins to smart contract address, it cannot be retrieved.

Risk tip: Digital currency is a high-risk way of investment, please be careful to buy, and pay attention to investment risks. YIBI selects premium currencies, but is not liable for guarantees, compensation, etc.

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