YIBI adds APT/USDT Trading Pair

YIBI Offical
Oct 19, 2022

Dear users.

YIBI has listed Aptos (APT) on October 19 at 10:30 (HKT) and is open for APT/USDT spot trading pairs, you are cordially invited to experience it.

Coin Description.

Aptos is a Layer 1 proof-of-stake public chain project that uses the Move programming language and virtual machine (MoveVM). APT is the public chain’s native token, which is used to pay transaction fees, verify collateral and govern

More details:

Website: https://aptoslabs.com/

White paper: https://aptos.dev/papers/whitepaper.pdf

(Does not support charging and withdrawing)

Risk warning: Digital currency is a high-risk investment, investors are advised to be cautious and aware of the investment risks. yibi selects quality coins, but does not assume responsibility for investment actions such as guarantees and compensation.


October 19, 2022



YIBI Offical

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