YIBI 1st Poker Tournament Strategic Elite Cup Recap of the Highlights

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3 min readNov 23, 2023

November in Hong Kong is destined to be bustling with excitement. With the ETH HK academic competition and the ApeFest House Party, the city is infused with boundless energy and entertainment spirit. Following closely, we will be hosting a unique event — the inaugural YIBI Silk Road Youth Elite Cup Texas Hold’em Championship.

YIBI is a social trading platform established in 2019, dedicated to creating a decentralized, highly secure, and user-friendly Web3 ecosystem. YIBI also offers diversified digital asset trading, financial asset management, NFT transactions, and other services to global users.

Texas Hold’em, born in a small town in Texas, USA, has a rich history. This iconic poker game, known for its deep strategy and social interaction, has captivated players worldwide. YIBI, a unique digital asset platform that combines trading, socializing, and innovation, draws inspiration from the game. That’s why we’re hosting this Texas Hold’em competition.

Empowering Social Interaction

The Texas Hold’em competition, hosted by YIBI Exchange, is sponsored by ZetaChain, LittleMami, and Yuliverse, with venue props sponsored by I Love NFT, Strategic Elite Club, The Master Twelve, and more. It has attracted renowned NFT communities, prominent projects, VCs, and KOLs from around the world. The event is buzzing with excitement, creating a lively atmosphere.

A Perfect Fusion of Competition, Socializing, Technology, and Innovation. The Texas Hold’em Championship is not just a continuation of traditional competition; it represents the seamless integration of socializing, technology, and innovation. We will blend skill and entertainment, challenging ourselves in a joyful manner, interacting with friends, and forging new connections, all while relishing the excitement and enjoyment of poker.

YIBI 1st Poker Tournament Community Support

Empowering Competitive Spirit

Texas Hold’em, infused with the spirit of Web3, transcends traditional card games. Web3 represents a monumental leap in the digital economy and society, offering unprecedented ways for us to participate in and experience Texas Hold’em competitions. To allow Web3 enthusiasts to appreciate the allure of Texas Hold’em,

Generous Prize Pool

The inaugural Texas International Strategy Cup Championship offers a highly lucrative prize pool, totaling approximately 40,000 USDT. The first-place winner will receive a remarkable prize of 11,000 USDT. Compared to the 500 USDT registration fee, the champion earns a staggering 22 times their investment.

Now, let’s take a look back at the exciting moments from the tournament’s live event!

YIBI 1st Poker Tournament Stage1 Champion
YIBI 1st Poker Tournament Stage2 Champion Stage1 Champion
YIBI & Poker Community Group Photo
YIBI 1st Poker Tournament site
YIBI 1st Poker Tournament Final Scene site
YIBI 1st Poker Tournament Sponsor ZataChain, LMC, I Love NFT

Thanks for all your support. Through the platform provided by YIBI and Texas Hold’em, we have built a community with players from around the globe. This community not only connects us through our passion for poker but also explores the possibilities of future digital finance. Therefore, this is more than just a Texas Hold’em competition; it is an adventure in the digital age. We invite you to join us on this journey of exploring Texas Hold’em, social trading, and the innovations of Web3, as we collectively create the future of the digital world.



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