Doge Adventure X YIBI Official

Doge Adventure, a Metaverse game that combined NFT+Play to Earn+Gamefi elements, has reached a strategic partnership with YIBI Official, a digital asset trading platform that aims to give users the most user-friendly trading and asset managing experience. The main goal of this partnership is to conduct a series of marketing activities, to facilitate and guarantee Doge Adventure’s INO (Initial NFT Offer) on YIBI.

About YIBI Official

YIBI has obtained the first batch of MSB license in the United States in 2019. Provide diversified digital asset trading, financial management, NFT trading, and other services for global users. It is committed to providing customers with a concise, efficient, and secure user experience. At present, it has provided high-quality services to about 300000 customers in more than 15 countries and regions around the world. Yibi team members are from major companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Hong Kong block, and Tencent. They have more than 10 years of development experience in blockchain technology development so that each user can enjoy the best quality and convenient experience. Yibi has been committed to selecting various high-quality currencies such as potential initial new currency and mainstream currency. The purpose is to provide users with diversified investment options and hope to build the most easily operated cryptocurrency platform in the world. Yibi has launched more than 50 transaction pairs, giving each user more choice. The average annual increase rate of currencies launched on Yibi has reached 300%。

About Doge Adventure

Doge Adventure is an original independent chain game incubated by X Protocol and supported by the community. The game combines Doge meme elements and the concept of NFT random fusion. Users earn profits and collect precious NFT collectibles by casting fusion, researching strategies, exploring, and fighting.

Please click the following links for further information about the YIBI Official:

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Create the most easy to operate social digital assets trading platform

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YIBI Offical

YIBI Offical

Create the most easy to operate social digital assets trading platform

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